Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sects and Candy

Are you as amazed as I am that polygamy continues to be an issue in this country? Take the current fiasco in Texas (proving yet once again that Texas sucks); how did this go on for so long before somebody decided to stand up and do something? Now don't get me wrong; if some idiot decides to condemn himself to a lifetime of incessant nagging and constantly hearing "I told you so", who am I to judge? The problem is that most of the wives in these fundamentalist wack-job towns are young women, mostly underage. The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Seriously guys, pick a shorter name. May I suggest "Church of Child Molesters"?) claims to have over 10,000 members, including a leader that is so fucking creepy that I hear his mirror cries in fear when he looks into it while chanting "mirror, mirror on the wall, whose the sickest of them all?". 10,000 people. How the fuck is there not one pervert among them who has the mental capacity to grasp the horror of this reality and dare to look into creepy ol' Warren's eyes and ask "what the fuck is wrong with us?" How has this not happened? Forget religion, forget politics, forget all that you have been taught and ask yourself how you would react if this guy told you that God says some 75 year old pedophile has to marry your 12 year old daughter? Polygamy may be part of their "religion", but it is still against the law. Now some may cry foul and scream about others' right to practice their own religion, and would normally agree. But where do you draw the line? There is a reason we no longer burn people at the stake for having the hiccups. There is a line drawn in the sand, and at some point we have to realize we are treading too close to it, hopefully before we are no longer able to see the human being staring back at us in the mirror and see only a monster. Anne Coulter, are you listening?

So unforgiving yet needing forgiveness first

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