Thursday, August 28, 2008

Walking Is Still Honest

A friend of mine recently suggested to me that I should make a weekly list of movies, music, and books that I would think people would enjoy. So while she was babbling about shoes or some sale at Macy's or something, I came up with a good idea to write a weekly post about movies, music, and books that I think people would enjoy. These will normally appear on Monday's, but since I have nothing else important to do today except search my house for snakes (God's PVC pipes gone wrong), here is this weeks list, a little late. Blame the snakes.

Movie: The Sting

I figured we should start with my all-time favorite movie, The Sting. Starring Paul Newman, Robert Redford, and Robert Shaw, this cinematic masterpiece revolves around the retribution of the death of a fellow con man by a gang of grifters led by Newman and Redford. Shaw, as always, is amazing as mob boss Doyle Lonnegan. The story is told as a play with 4 parts; The Set-up, The Hook, The Tale, and The Sting. I don't want to ruin the plot for you, but The Sting is a must-see for any film buff.

Music: Supergrass - Diamond Hoo Ha

For those of you who don't remember Supergrass, they sang the nineties hit "Pumping On Your Stereo", and have never released a bad record. Diamond Hoo Ha is their latest release, and it opens with the "Diamond Hoo Ha Man" (insert your own translation), and blistering riff reminiscent on the White Stripes only, you know, good. There isn't a single moment lacking rollicking guitars and hard-hitting drums, so no having to worry about any tear-jerkers here. I highly recommend it.

Book: Kurt Vonnegut - Mother Night

My favorite Vonnegut book, Mother Night is told as the diary of a Nazi war prisoner about to be executed for war crimes. There is a twist, but it would ruin the whole book so I won't even begin to tell you the synopsis or even provide a link to it. Just read the damn book.

Can anybody tell me why God won't speak to me

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