Thursday, March 13, 2008

Imitation Of Life

After the walls of my virtual world came tumbling down, hurdling data packets and random bits of code out into the unknown oblivion, I felt my mind starting to slip from its grasp on reality. I suddenly felt cold, unclean and delirious, convulsing in my own madness as the information super-highway drifted further and further away from my cold, dead fingers. The days seemed dark and dreary, passing by like a river flowing into some unknown terrain. It was hell. But it would soon pass. I would soon be saved from my own personal hell, much like that douchebag from Creed. You know, the Eddie Vedder doppelganger who preaches a lot and his music sucks but it sells anyway, thanks to the religious fanatics who find some sort of comfort in his facade of religious faith and flowing bangs and tribal armband tattoos. Anyway, back to me trying to sound pretentious and deep. My world soon found itself turned upside down. Then the doorbell rang. My savior appeared, my white knight on his trusty steed (read: minivan) here to slay the dragon of boredom and restore order to my village, and possibly rape my women and enslave my children, I'm not really sure. His name was AT&T, and he brought me back to this world. And I am forever in his debt. I am back online bitches, and damn it feels good.

No one can see me cry

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