Wednesday, January 19, 2011

For Michelle...

I am sorry that I hurt your feelings for not being able to spend time with you on Christmas and your birthday. I hope that you understand my situation and all that I am going through, and although that is no acceptable excuse, unfortunately it is the cause of my recently having to distance myself from others. We have always been very close, and there are no words in the English or Latin language (Greek maybe?) that could fully describe how proud of you I am for not only what you have accomplished but equally as much for how much you have had to overcome and how far you have gone to prove that I was right when I said I would never give up on you nor ever stop believing in you. I hope you soon accept my apology; it seems it was nothing more than miscommunication and I will be here waiting for your call when you feel ready to talk. Until then, I dedicate this song to you because even though I am not a fan of Pink's music, my first thought when I heard this song was of you. I love you very much, and I truly hope to hear from you soon and that you can forgive me for any pain that I may have caused you.

Don't you ever feel like you're less than fuckin' perfect

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