Tuesday, April 10, 2007


It's hard to find a good show nowadays. Most of the time, it is a good performance but lacking aesthetically, or a rough performance with too many visuals. Only twice, out the hundreds of concerts that I have attended, have I walked away impressed. Only twice has a show completely blown me away, incorporating just the right amount of audio perfection, set list selection, and visual performance. The first time was U2, during the Walk On tour. The second time was last night in San Francisco, with Muse. Playing for 2 hours, with 2 encores, Muse blew away virtually every other performer I have seen in every category. I never really thought about how amazing of a musician Matthew Bellamy is until I saw him live. He is able to get the sounds out of his guitar live, with perfection, that I thought were computer generated on the album. And he is even better on piano, sometimes during the show jumping right out from the piano to swing his guitar around and jump into an amazing riff. This show was intense. If you get the chance to see Muse, don't miss it. You will not be disappointed.

I will be chasing a starlight, until the end of my life

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