Thursday, January 28, 2010

In On The Kill Taker

I haven't really written anything about music lately (maybe a review of Spoon's new record coming soon), so I figured I ask a question. What 5 bands would I reunite, should I have the power to do so and assuming all members are still alive/active? This seems a little hard, so I have decided to do two categories; bands of the past (the classics) and bands from my lifetime. Here's my list; what's yours?

My Generation:

The Replacements
Black Flag
Husker Du
At The Drive-In

The Classics:

Pink Floyd
Van Halen (excuse me, I meant Van Hagar)
The Clash
Miles Davis
The Band

Culturally Appropriate Post Script - Props to anyone who can tell me what that Gold disc in the picture is.

I want to conquer the world; give all these idiots a brand new religion


Dad said...

Ok, I gave it plenty of time for someone else to answer. That's the gold record that was sent with Voyager.

B said...

I figured you would know. It's sad how easily someone like Carl Sagan can be forgotten, considering the impact he has had on modern astronomy.

Live To Love said...

It's happening!! I just read this post last night and today I wake up to this article..

Fuck yeah Bryan. Keep influencing us from heaven bro.