Monday, January 16, 2006

Digital Sketches

Music of Choice:
Bright Eyes - At The Bottom Of Everything

I forgot to mention my car, excuse me for this mistake. I drive a 2004 Ford Mustang, and it is Blue. Now the reason I mention this is as follows; 2 weekends ago I went with a couple friends to go see Jason Mraz in South Lake Tahoe, if you do not know who he is, follow the link and learn. Anyways, I drove everybody in my car, which was fairly uncomfortable. The reason I mention this is for those of you who do not know, Ford puts a barometric Pressure Sensor in their vehicles, which is used to adjust the RPM's (gas output, essentially) for the elevation that you are at. The problem is, they ALWAYS fuck your car up! Now, in Sacramento, my car rev's at 2K RPM's while it is in fucking neutral. It is not supposed to do that. Not at all I am afraid.

Moving on, I went and saw Hoodwinked! last night, it was really cute and funny. It was only an hour long, but worth the $20 bucks and no BJ for it. Just kidding, but it really was funny, even for adults, and in some parts, mostly for adults. I mentioned a while ago that I was going to read "Prozac Nation" and would report back on it, and I am almost finished with it. It's....Different, to say the least. For beginners in Sociology, I suggest "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs" by Chuck Klosterman, and "Hip: The History" by John Leland.

Finishing off today, I am going to go back to the old school days of my old Blog, bringing back my Top 5, at least for a trial run. Today, Top 5 break-up songs:

Beck - Lost Cause
Nazareth - Love Hurts
Aerosmith - Cryin'
U2 - With Or Without You
Eagles - Already Gone

"Set fire to the preacher who is promising us hell"

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