Thursday, January 12, 2006

Me procrastinate Long Time, Posty-Posty 5 Dolla...

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So, I lied. Well,not completely lied, just sort of MIS-predicted the future. Comp: still not up. Kind of sucks, but anyways, I need something to talk about and I got alot on my mind, so here goes:

Alito - Fucking Republican, but at least he believes in upholding previous judicial rulings, even though he very well may back-peddle on that at first opportunity, but I doubt the Dem's can procrastinate the process any longer. I wish I could say Bush did more than get lucky by getting to choose 3 supreme court judges in the span of 2 years, but I doubt it's anything more than that.

Tookie - I have a big problem with his execution but cannot voice it due to the fact that just about everyone I know believes he deserved to die. So I will just leave it at this: A Nobel Peace Prize nominated man who committed his life to helping children stay out of gangs and found religious faith, could do more good than bad in prison. He spent 15 years behind bars, on death row, teaching peace to children who needed it in a time when most others preached the word of gansta rap. Someone cannot fake faith and peace that well for 15 years. If he really did commit his crimes, which he maintained his innocence until his death, he would have admitted it. You can not be forgiven by God if you do not confess your sins, as all religious wackos believe, and beg for forgiveness. I firmly believed he died and innocent man.

The Governator - Never thought to get a license?!

O.A.R. - Stories of A Stranger - Go buy this record, right now. GO!

HomEq - FUCK HomEq!

Bush - See above

Syriana - Go see it, it was very good.

In closing, I would like to say to the 1 person that reads this, I apologize for not updating, I assure you at some point this will be a daily thing. Peace, and go see a local show.

"You saw everyone as an angel, but what about the thief"


SpyCgirl said...

good point about Alito, maybe we can get lucky and hope he won't backpeddle

Anonymous said...



Bush is now completely and certifiably out of control. But to remove the last restraint on the creation of a new American dictatorship they must install one more lock down vote on the Supreme Court, in the person of Sam Alito.

Despite Alito's extreme right wing voting record and lifelong ideological agenda, nobody expects him to show up at his hearing sporting a tail and horns wearing a red suit. Instead he will lie and evade like some Wal-Mart smiley face, just as he did when in his confirmation for the Court of Appeals he promised to recuse himself from cases involving his own investments. Then he fought to do precisely otherwise. He will make absolutely any misrepresentation of his views and his agenda to try to sneak past public accountability yet again, while his record shouts otherwise. And only your voices speaking out now can turn the tide against this judicial coup.

We are planning a two-stage action. First with the action page above we will build a consensus that ANY replacement for Sandra Day O'Connor must be no worse than a true moderate and centrist. Then after the conclusion of the hearings we will speak out AGAIN on specific question of the final vote in the Senate. Please submit every possible action page you can get your hands on, and keep speaking out until we prevail, just as we did on ANWR and the torture prohibition.

But remember that Alito was the author of the tactic of Bush trying to spin acts of Congress with so-called "signing statements" in hopes that some future Supreme Court (including now guess who) would give them weight over the will of the people. And Bush did just that with the anti-torture bill, declaring that he really didn't consider himself bound at all. Every day from now on must be STOP Alito day, otherwise our democracy is doomed.

Even if you have submitted something else recently, please go to the page above and take a moment to submit it. There are lots of good references in the arguments section below the form if you would like some additional support or ideas for your personal comments, or just cast your vote with one click and go. We have nearly 100,000 participants in our system and we are counting on at least 25,000 of you to speak out now. This battle must be won, there must be a filibuster, or all else will be ultimately lost.


To help us get as close as possible to 100% submission yield on this question we have made many improvements on the Desktop Action program since its initial release last week. With this program you can speak out directly from your desktop with just one click! Based on your input we have set the program to always be minimized unless you expressly click on its icon, we have now made the interface draggable, and incorporated all of your other suggestions. Though it worked well for most people from day one, we have corrected all minor issues with contact setup and system reboots, and all these small fixes have been confirmed corrected. Even if you already have the program, please download the latest update (1.05) from the main index page at


We received many inquiries from candidates who want to win, and we are setting everybody up with their easy-to-use forms for creating action forms on your own campaign web site. The most important thing you can do is launch your own STOP Alito initiative to show your constituents how much you are out there fighting for them now, and not just talking about what you WOULD do if elected. Build your track record and prominence identified as someone out there fighting to protect the rights of the people. Contact us at once and we will set you up. There is no charge for any of our services ever.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.




Michelle said...

It always suprises me how much political views we share. I agree about Tookie, the man did not deserve to die. There are so many issues with the death penalty that I won't even get into. But, point of fact, he was doing a hell of a lot more good in prison that are fucking governor has ever done in his post. Oh, and you should visit my Myspace. I think you'll like my info. :)