Friday, February 03, 2006

A Box Full Of Sharp Objects

Music of Choice:
Jim Croce - Which Way Are You Going?

Hello again. Welcome. Sorry, been a long week. I would like to start by thanking Tim Dickinson for not verbally assaulting me for summarizing his well written and very informative article. If you are interested in more of his writing (and you should be) here is a link to his blog at Rolling Stone online. Check it out, you will learn something (hopefully). Having said that, it is my intent to now divide my blog by 2. One day, even 3. My problem is there are 2 things that essentially take up my free time, music and pop culture. However, since I became old enough to vote, hell, old enough to realize this shit affects ME, I have been more interested in politics and sociology. So I will be creating a new blog for music.

This blog was originally created for music/personal use, to get shit, out so to speak. As I am not a talker and have bad social anxiety, this was my release. However it has been dominated by politics and history as of late, and throwing in a casual musical/personal reference just seems to mess with the flow. So after today you will see more articles about politics, sociology, history, and life in general and how it affects us. I have mapped out a few ideas for upcoming changes, and here is a short list of what I have been pondering:

1 - A weekly essay on a historical fact that you SHOULD know about.
2 - A weekly segment titled "Red-Handed Republican"
3 - A daily/bi-daily link for information that I found interesting or useful.

These are a few ideas I have tossed around and are currently working out the format for. My goal is to get a large audience of people to learn something they may not have known. If you don't agree with what I say, tell me. If you do agree, tell me. As long as we at least explore the idea that there CAN be a better way, that things CAN be better, and we talk about it, one day we will figure out the answer. Agree, disagree, don't give a shit, just HAVE AN OPINION.

Anyways, once I get it all sorted out and get some research done, that will take effect. I plan to have the new format up and running by early summer at the latest. Talk to you soon.

"One hand on the Bible, one hand on the gun"

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