Wednesday, February 01, 2006

In The Zone

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Radiohead - High and Dry

The "friend zone" is the lowest level of Hell. There is no greater suffering than knowing that this person, this man or woman that haunts your dreams and dominates your thoughts, will never be yours. The problem with all of this, and here is where it gets tricky, is that there is no justifiable reason for it. It is like Fear, it exists solely because we create it in our minds. We use it as an excuse, a justifiable reason to not do something, to let opportunities slip past us, to not take a chance. If we could only remove the fear, open our minds to the thought of "why can't it be?" we would discover that there is no answer. We simply accept fear as fact.

Let's pretend for a second there is this person. This person you spend a lot of time with, go on "dates" 2 or 3 times a week with, say "I love you" out of habit and not thinking it is weird to say that, and essentially you just love to be around. Now this person feels the same. Well, if you are not good looking, not as successful as this person, nor share the same group of friends, welcome to the friend zone. This applies to both males and females alike. They love you, but are not in love with you. They don't know why. The only answer we ever get is "we're just too good of friends". Well fuck that. That is not an answer, that is an excuse. Friends make the best lovers, and anybody in a relationship became a friend before they became a lover.

Welcome to my life. This is my hell. I cannot escape it, nor change it. I am destined to suffer in the "friend zone" for the rest of my life. But you don't have too. Anybody out there who knows what I am talking about, go to that person, ask them flat out for an answer. Don't worry, you won't get one. Just the usual lines of bullshit that you are accustomed to. Fuck love.

"All your insides fall to pieces, you just sit there wishing you could still make love."

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michelle said...

I got that reply for a year before David came to his senses. But I was sleeping with him too. Although that hurts a bit more, when you're good enough to fuck but not to be in a relationship with. However, I do understand the point of view because if it's not definite love, taking the risk of losing a great friend is a hard choice. If David and I broke up, I wouldn't hate him, but it would hurt like hell for a long time. And we'd never be as close again as we are now.

Some people just can't take that leap of faith. Some can.