Monday, February 20, 2006

I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore

Music of Choice:
Tool - Opiate

I have not updated in a while for the following reasons:
1 - allergic reaction to codeine
2 - dying of sinus infection
3 - new laptop, it's a tiny god, but no damn internet yet.

So I bought a new laptop and it is literally a tiny god. 2.0 screamin' Gigs of fury, 1.25 Gigs of ram, DVD +/- CDRW, ATI 128 meg Radeon video card, wireless internet/LAN with Bluetooth, and an 80 gig drive to store mp3's/porn. But no goddamn internet. I cannot get my wireless to connect with our router. Me not happy. In other non-happy news, I have been sick for 2 weeks. I have not breathed out of my nose for quite some time, and I am seriously dehydrated. Life, as I know it, sucks.

Now for the good news. There is a girl I have had in my sights for quite some time. She has dark red hair, cute black glasses, and an amazing body. NaturallyI figured she was out of my league. Well, I finally got tired of my friends bitching at me (Thanks Tim and Sean) and asked her out. And holy shit, she actually said yes! Now I have NO fucking idea what to do. I guess we are going out to dinner, but I suck at those kind of situations, so I am at a loss as to what to talk about. The only thing I know about her is she loves Pink Floyd, which would help explain the attraction. Other than that, I am like a helpless puppy. Oh well, guess that is what makes it so fun.

Anyways, once I get my wireless working I will be updating a lot more from my own computer. Talk to you soon, I am going to go drink a ton of water and feel like shit and try and drain a gallon of snot out of my system. Thought you might like that image to soak in your mind.

"Deaf and blind and dumb and born to follow"

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michelle said...

I hope you feel better. And yay for David Gilmore date!