Thursday, January 24, 2008

Brighter Than Creation's Dark

Remind me to never publicly praise an actor again. They have a habit of dying on me. I'm sure you all have heard the news about Heath Ledger so I won't bother mentioning it here. He will be missed. Anyway, I am finally getting over being sick, which is kind of like saying my cell phone battery is charged; it's only a matter of time. Thankfully I have had some new music to listen to through my plugged up ears, and that is the new Drive-By Truckers album Brighter Than Creation's Dark. It's a bit more country than rock this time around, which is a nice change of pace from everything else we have been bombarded with lately, but it kind of wears you out after a while. Does this mean it is not worth buying? Hell no, it's DBT for fucks sake. You just know it's going to be good. So I suggest you all pick it up, throw on some overalls and chug some homemade moonshine. Or not, I really don't care. I'm off to drink NyQuil like it's going out of style.

hanging all their wishes upon disregarded stars

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