Sunday, November 28, 2010

Even God Hates Glenn Beck

It is 4 am, and I cannot sleep. I fear that this is not medically nor psychiatrically related, but merely a case of Glenn Beck haunting my worst nightmares. Let's face it, he does not have the eyes of a sane human being, and that chalkboard haunts my dreams. Freddy Krueger would kill me, but I think he as well fears the chalkboard of madness drawn from the clawed fingers and melted mind of a true sociopath. I am going to try and sleep now. Maybe Freddy and I can take him if we work together, me with my murderous rage and him with his claws and one-liners. If we fail, I fear the Ragnarok shall occur. If this happens, I am sorry, please forgive me and do not kick my ass while we all burn in hell for eternity.

Stand in the corner and scream with me

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