Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bitch Tranquilizers

Music of Choice:
At The Drive-In – Invalid Jitter Dept.

I want to have sex with Arianna Huffington.

I’m not talking just sex either. I want her liberal opinionated hot body to do things to me that would make porn stars blush. Oh how you do the things you do to me, you Huffington Hottie.

Moving on, we got our wireless working finally, which is nice. I can actually update now. So I was reading the paper (I do those kinds of things from time to time) and I noticed that there is a low rating of approval for G.W., too bad he still thinks he has “Capital”. Ok Bush, fairytale’s over. Welcome to real life. When the conservatives start to question you, and the Republicans start voting against you, then you do not have “Capital”. Let’s take a look at the word shall we:

Capital: in economics, the elements of production from which an income is derived, usually defined with the exception of land and labor.

Now listen carefully, here’s the important part; when you entered office you had a surplus, and now you have a deficit. Now, if “Capital” means that you have the means to bring in something of value (i.e. income, votes, dignity, etc.) then you sir, have NO “Capital”. I would have figured that the possession of a degree from Harvard and Yale would carry with it a prerequisite of obtaining basic business understanding, but then again, look who we are talking about.

Anyways, the infection that has occupied my body for the past month is finally leaving to infect someone else. This is kind of nice as I would like to breathe out of my nose again. Well, that’s about all for now, until tomorrow.

“On my way nails broke and fell into the wishing well, wishing well, wishing well.”

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