Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Flirtin' With Disaster

I am losing my mind. With every thought comes a wave of anxiety and doubt. My brain is turning into scrambled eggs and I can’t stop it. The only question really is whether or not I am going to use my insanity to annoy and harass my friends and loved ones. Obviously the answer is yes, but its fun to pretend I wouldn’t. I can almost feel my brain trying to escape its candy-coated shell of a prison to wonder the world and visit all the magical places it only reads about in books. Apparently it really wants to see Greenland, I don’t know why. My brain now resembles a breakfast special at Denny’s, and all I can think about is crepes.

Apparently Rage Against the Machine is going to reunite for the Coachella festival. And here I thought that was just a rumor. They haven’t officially announced the list of artists scheduled to play over the 3 day event, but you can view a list here. Again, it hasn’t been released yet so this could change.

Anybody watch the State of the Union address tonight? Were you as depressed as I was? It’s sad the way it almost seems like he is pitifully begging people to support him, like a child begging for another piece of cake.

Anyway, stay sexy world, I’m gonna go get my crepes-age on.

I’m not satisfied with where I’m at in life

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