Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Flip The Switch

I have always been a little touchy of the death penalty. I feel that if there is enough hard evidence, and the crime is bad enough to warrant it, then capitol punishment should be exercised. It's not something I would suggest we use often, but there are just some people who can't be fixed. This is one of those cases. The defense has argued that Couey is mentally retarded and should be given special treatment, i.e. avoid the death penalty. let me get this straight; an already convicted felon with a record of 24 burglary arrests, concealed weapon charges, and is already a registered sex offender, is not competent enough to know what he is doing? Sorry, not buying it. He kidnapped Jessica Lunsford, raped her, and then buried her body in trash bags. He knew what the fuck he was doing. I say fry the fucker and let him serve as a warning to all the other pedophilic perverts out there. Fuck him, let him die.

Scars they cut into you.

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