Monday, March 05, 2007

Ultimate Consumer

Three things:

1 - I have been not feeling well and have been very busy with stuff that I must accomplish while not feeling well, so that is why there have been no updates (except for that fortune cookie thing that happened to me).

2 - A book you must read: The Demon-Haunted World; by Carl Sagan.
This is an extraordinary book that I have found to be quite interesting. For those of you who do not know who Carl Sagan is, well, he wrote Contact. Oh, and he also wrote a little something called Cosmos, which ended up becoming the most widely watched PBS program in history. Seriously, over 600 million fucking people have seen this thing. That's a lot of peeps. Read the book. Both of them.

3 - Pearl Jam - Live At Easy Street
Ok, so there were actually sixteen songs performed that night, and yes this disc has only 7, but it's worth the $6. Not only are there 3 amazing covers, but they managed to throw in a long forgotten classic, "Porch", which was nice to hear. It is also easier than trying to buy all of the bootleg series, which I am still trying to do. If you buy one, by the way, pick up 11/6/00, Seattle, Washington. The last, and best in my opinion, of the 2000 concert bootleg series.

Once, upon a time, I could control myself.

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