Monday, June 25, 2007

The Yellow Dart

You would think that taking most of the money earned by the two biggest boy bands in the last 20 years would be enough for someone even as greedy as Lou Pearlman. You would think that with the tens of millions of dollars he "earned" would be enough to light cigars with hundred dollar bills and buy Ferrari's just to hang them on his wall. You would think, but you would be wrong. It seems that Pearlman had gotten himself in trouble with the feds. I would feel sorry for him, but I don't. Anybody who takes advantage of people like Pearlman did for their own financial gain deserves whatever he gets.

Rolling Stone has an interesting piece on the decline of the record industry, and you can check it out here. The record industry has been in decline for years, but it isn't all iTunes' fault. It's basic math people; spend $14 on the digital downloads of an entire album, or spend $10 on the CD and have a permanent backup copy. But, seeing as how we live in an accelerated culture where convenience supersedes logic, you can expect the convenience of online downloading to win almost every time. People want songs in an instant, and they are willing to buy or steal the same song over and over, should they lose their original digital copy. Such is the way of the new counter culture.

I've been fallin' so long it's like gravity's gone and I'm just floatin'

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