Friday, June 15, 2007

Your Favorite Weapon

As if to justify my fascination of her female attributes with witty commentary and banter, Jon Stewart has not only solidified my position, but reinforced my belief that nothing, not even a burka can contain Angelina Jolie's hotness. She very well may be our best weapon against terrorism. What needs to be done is now clearer than ever. We must clone her, wrap her clones in black satin, parachute them behind enemy lines with the 101st Airborne, and release their weapon once they have safely landed; by removing their satin armor of seduction and revealing the true beauty of Angelina Jolie. The radiant light would be so powerful that no mere mortal could withstand it (except maybe Brad Pitt). They would simply cease to be. We have a weapon now, and by God we should use it. Just think about it; Angelina Jolie's body could save this world from destroying itself. All it takes is the right T&A.

Don't go on me

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