Friday, December 10, 2010

Biohazard Warning

I am currently helping Cass write an essay, as some believe I have magical powers...which I do, but if I told you...I've already said to much. People, grab your tin-foil crazy hats and sit back and wait for the Ragnarok. Also, I am attempting to help clean the place up, as a fav0r and for this I fear for my life. I am trapped in a personal hell which could only be compared to the Devil himself rising from the depths of his dominion, take one look, and say "Fuck this, you're fucked dude" If I do not return, I beg of you, bury me on House-Cleaning-Heavenly-Hill cemetery Bar Grill (WET T-SHIRT FRIDAYS!) so that I may rest in peace with my other fellow fallen heroes who have attempted to clean the house. There is nothing anyone can do, so I ask you to pray for me, tell my story, and tell my Mom I love her & sorry about most of my teenage years.

Because of the shame that I associate with vulnerability, I am numbing myself completely.

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