Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Killer And The Star

As you may have noticed, I tend to write about a lot of different stuff. Usually, whatever is going through my mind at the moment I sit at the keyboard, those thoughts of madness are leaked from the bowels of Hell, ripped through your worst nightmares and splashed onto the screen like the hallway scene in The Shining. Often, it involves the Swedish Chef, my balls, crepes, and/or duct tape. However right now, I am listening to the solo album by Scooter Ward, the front man of the band Cold. His album, The Killer and the Star, is unlike anything released last year. It has a haunting feel, with tragic and haunting vocals/lyrics that just make it standout above anything else I have heard in the last two years, save for the two highly underrated albums by Sirens Sister. So, as my mandatory musical recommendation from time to time, I suggest you pick up The Killer and the Star, and immerse yourself into some great music.

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