Monday, November 14, 2005

Bullets Over Broadway

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Jim Croce – Which Way Are You Going?

So, it appears the country is finally paying attention. Wow, it only took 5 fucking years, over 2,000 dead American soldiers, the largest deficit in the history of this country, no health insurance, 11 actions against a woman’s right to choose, the GOP’s attempt to prevent black Florida voters form actually voting, a national threat to our freedom of speech, God in our schools and government, every damn country hating us, John Ashcroft, Enron, oil price gouging, Dick Cheney, a horrible reaction to a natural disaster, and Jack Thompson to make people wake up and say “what the shit happened to my country?”! God dammit I swear sometimes I think we are the DUMBEST FUCKING COUNTRY ON EARTH!

What the fuck did you people expect from the idiot son of an asshole?! And the best part is, half the people pissed at him actually fucking voted for him! I know people who voted for him, proud to be republican and god fearing, and ended up wishing they had just not fucking voted. I hate to say it, but guess what? You got what you asked for. I actually dated a girl whose answer to my question as to why she voted for Bush was, and I quote; “It’s better than Gore”. Ok, fine, let’s take that into consideration. Now Gore came form the coattails of a great president. And while Gore may not have been the best choice, he most certainly would not have spent our entire nation’s surplus on another goddamn country that doesn’t want our help in the first place.

Yes, that is correct, when Bush entered office, he had a SURPLUS. For those of you unfamiliar with that word, and I can understand why, that means that we were NOT billions of dollars over our budget when he took the checkbook and started droppin’ checks faster than bible verses. Your religious you say? Fine, I won’t tell you you’re wrong. I’ll even make you a deal: I won’t think in your church if you don’t pray in my school. It amazes me that G.W. can be so religious, yet sleep so soundly on his millions of dollars he gets by fucking Americans in the ass thru the gas tank. Isn’t sodomy against the bible code anyway?

Ok, I didn’t necessarily get it all out, but it felt good putting it down. And since no one reads this anyway, I won’t have to worry about the usual retorts and rants from right-wing conservatives brandishing a bible and a handgun. The only good thing about his presidency is that it’s fucking half way over.

One hand on the bible, one hand on the gun.”

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michelle said...

The argument I hate the most is when pro-Bush people state that they are so glad that the Iraqi people finally know "freedom" and "democracy." what if they didn't fucking WANT it?