Monday, November 07, 2005

The Suckage Continues

Music of Choice:
The Ataris – Losing Streak

So, it’s been a while. Many, many moons have come and gone. Ok, a week. Sorry, been busy working major overtime and trying to move. Anyways, while we have The Ataris fresh in our cerebral cortexes, let me say this; they USED to be good. Seriously, their new record is emo crap that is slow and boring, and I’m sorry but when I want to hear The Ataris, I want to hear punk, pop-punk, shit even just pop if need be. But anyways, no point in arguing, it’s their music.

So I went and saw Powerman 5000 with Shortie Saturday night at the Boardwalk. Shortie is a great Sacramento band, and Powerman 5000 was pretty damn good. I definitely suggest anybody pick up some Shortie if they get the chance. Nothing too exciting coming out tomorrow, I didn’t really see one record I would be interesting in purchasing. It’s been a pretty bad month for releases so far. Hell, bad couple of months. We need a new Pearl Jam or Descendants record to bring some life to the scene now. Well, I got to go; I promise more frequent posts once I finish moving and stop working overtime very single damn day.

“My enemies are just as close to me”

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