Friday, November 11, 2005

Fuck Pat Robertson!

Music of Choice:
The Tragically Hip – Blow At HighDough

While we’re on the subject of The Tragically Hip (notice how the music of choice is usually the subject we’re on? Damn that’s eerie) I wanted to point those unfamiliar faces of web-comic-cool to Aikida. Fenris has put up a most informative article regarding a Canadian band that, unfortunately, went almost unnoticed in the US except to those of us music freaks. They are a pretty damn good band, and if you haven’t heard of them before, I would suggest starting with Up to Here. That or just go by Fenris’s suggestions, can’t really go wrong either way. They put out a new record last year that I will try to locate now that I am aware it exists. Their material isn’t the easiest to get a hold of in the States.

Since we have now moved onto the subject of web comics, check out Aikida. It was one of the first I got into along with 8-bit Theatre. Start at the old archives, you will need the story to kind of know what’s going on now, but its well worth the time. Also somewhat related, the Wings are kicking ass! I’m still a little bitter about Federov’s departure, some wounds just never heal, but I’m going to the game against the Sharks the day after thanksgiving, and as long as Yzerman and Zetterberg are playing, I think I can overcome my sadness. I’m sure watching the team I loathe get spanked like a 10 year old will assist in the healing process.

It appears the new release list this coming Tuesday is not too great. This month just sucks for releases. Other than a few good DVD release’s I don’t really have anything to wet my whistle. But that’s enough music for today. Let’s talk briefly about Pat Robertson. I did a report on the Christian Coalition for my JC English A class, and this pretty much sums up why I had nothing nice to say about this man.

Whoever fits her usually gets her

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