Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Xbox and Pot

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Lightning Seeds – Change

First off, this week you will have your first official new album review! Yeah I know it’s a little late, but with moving and shit like that, its cramping’ my time. Luckily I move into my new place next weekend and should be set for more frequent updates. To start things off however, I would like to direct your attention to an article in Rolling Stone titled “Darwinian Warfare” by Matt Taibbi.

This is a great article regarding the war between evolution and intelligent design. I can’t exactly tell if the author is taking one side or the other, which is always a good sign of less biased opinions and more facts. In a nutshell, the GOP is attempting to install church in school disguised as intelligent design, a theory that the universe (or at least Earth) is too exacting and too perfect at sustaining life to be evolution. Their loophole? They do not state who the “designer” is. By not coming out and saying its God that designed it, they think they can pass it off as a theory, not a conflict of church and state.

This is bullshit, but the way the war is going, it looks like soon schools will be teaching religious faith along side with scientific fact. I’m grateful I did not have to endure this method of teaching in school. But it’s sad that future generations may very well be graded on their faith in a religion they may or may not believe in at all. And my tax dollars are going to pay for it. Not happy about that, I am.

Secondly, the city of Hillsdale in Michigan just elected and 18 year old high school kid as its mayor. No, I’m not kidding. I just wish I was in the room when the votes were counted, I imagine it went something like this:

Vote Counter: Congratulations sir, you are the new mayor of our beautiful city!

Michael Sessions – Dude, its past 9 o’clock on a school night, what are you trying to do, get me grounded? Man I got prom in a couple months; don’t fuck this up for me.

Counter – I’m sorry sir, we thought you might like to know the results.

Sessions – Hang on a second…what mom? Oh fine, sir my mom wants to know if there will be a chaperone to the dinner banquet for the election?

Counter - …No, I don’t believe there will be.

Sessions – So seriously, do I get a company car? I don’t have a license, am I going to need one? How many hot assistants do I get? Can I have someone killed?

Counter - …Sir, you are now in charge of the city. It’s not a game sir.

Sessions – Speaking of games, does the office have an Xbox in it?

Counter – I’m fucking moving, fuck this town. (click)

Seriously people, who the fuck voted for a high school kid to run their city? Sure, we got a celebrity as a governor, but at least he’s of the legal drinking age! That kid is totally going to use his new position to bang high school cheerleaders, and you can kiss the town’s budget goodbye. All the money will now be directed to the “Xbox and pot” fund. Fucking Mid-Western states.

The world is full of fools who never get it right.”

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