Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Soul Doubt

Apparently it's not bad enough that the market is currently flooded (and always will be) with adult contemporary corporate cock-rock (Hinder, are you listening?), now we have to listen to artist get paid for telling us what products to use to make ourselves cool and hip and unique and just like everybody else. Proving that she is an entertainer and not an artist, Fergie has decided to allow corporate product placement be integrated into her songs. Somewhere, Tom Waits is angrily throwing his copy of Elephunk out the window. Now teens don't have to worry about wondering what brand of clothes to buy to maximize their skanky appearance; they have Fergie being paid to tell them to buy the provocative clothing line Candie's. This shit disgusts me. The sanctity of music is being tarnished and pissed on by these so-called "musicians" who do nothing but name drop FUBU and Pepsi and accept money to tell their fans they will only be cool if they wear Candie's pants and dress like a slut. Here's a little piece of advice for the Black Eyed Peas; boot that bitch to the curb. And to all of her fans, I give you this piece of wisdom; reject false icons.

Tell me which deity you're praying to

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