Thursday, August 16, 2007

Color Me Impressed

Harry Potter fans piss me off. You people really do. I am so God damn sick of hearing about how amazing these books are. It's a kid and his magic wand, I fucking get it, I just don't care. Every single person I know has either read these books or seen the movies, and I have done neither. Call it ignorance or whatever, I don't give a shit. I have no interest in Harry Potter, and all of your badgering and pestering and sorcery won't change my mind. Go ahead and dress up like a 12 year old boy and stand outside of the movie theatre for 8 hours in the blistering heat, I need practice with my paintball gun anyway. But you want to know what really boils my blood? All you morons who only read Harry Potter. Every time someone tells me some bullshit line like "I don't read much, but I have read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of the Golden Vagina of Kinda-Sorta Dangerous Hallows like seven million times and oh my God it was just so good!", all I hear in my mind is "I am the smartest idiot in my wizard-theme circle jerk support group". Get bent, all that means is that you're a moron who likes to feel smart by saying you read a 700 page kids book. I heard this is the last (fingers crossed) book, and you know what, I hope Harry Potter fucking dies... in a fire.

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Diva said...

HAH! I can relate to this. I haven't read the books and I have friends and coworkers who swear by it. I'm sure it's a decent read, I just don't get the hysteria over it. My friends can at least accept that it is a book. I have a coworker who practically fawns over it, and she's 50. She doesn't read other books either, which is my main pet peeve also.

patty said...

well i normally don't tell people this if they haven't read the books buuuuut, harry potter survives in the last book grows up marries the love of his life and has three kids all of which go to hogwarts in the epilogue, ron and hermione get married and have two kids of their own around the same age as harry's first two children.

why am i wasting my time to tell you this when you don't care? because you piss me off. i'm sure you have something that just drags you into it and makes you pay attention. well that's what harry potter does to alot of people. now granted i am NOT one of those people who would dress up as him for the movies (i must admit the movies aren't all that great and daniel radcliffe can go to hell) but i still have a deep passion for the complexity and depth of J. K.'s writing and it compels me to read the books.

and for you information harry potter stopped being a kids book a long time ago. the themes darken and many parents wouldn't let their kids read it. in about the fourth book it bacame too intense for a child to read. i was in third grade when i started reading the books (i read the fourth book in fourth grade) i am still reading them today at age 15.

i'm terribly sorry that it annoys you that people exercise their ability to read, but it has been said that the harry potter series has contributed to the literacy of america and europe (i don't have information on other countries).

i'm sorry if this is bugging you but you really need to consider things from another perspective before you post hings, you can hurt alot of people and that can't be made up for.