Friday, August 03, 2007

The Spirit Of Radio

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to doing, you know, his job, president Bush has no problem taking 6 weeks off? But when it comes to continuing his eavesdropping scheme, Congress cannot leave for recess until the "Democrats" put forth a bill he will sign. Maybe the "Democrats" aren't pushing a bill because they see how wrong it is to tap every phone line in America. I am curious, and please feel free to answer these questions; what has Bush done the past 6 years in regards to Social Security? How about health care? Nothing. How about education? Well, he did take money away from it to keep the war going, so I guess that's doing something. His entire line of supporters is going down in flames of scandal, and all he can think about is convincing the dwindling demographic of war supporters that he needs more money for the war. Ok Bush, here's your chance; find the $12 billion dollars that asshole J. Paul Bremer "lost" in Iraq. It shouldn't be too hard to find. The money was stacked on pallets, in denominations of $100, and weighs about 363 tons. That's like losing the Statue of Liberty in the middle of fucking Arizona. Bremer should have been shot in the fucking head for being that fucking dumb.

Anyway, I have seen a few shows in the past week. I saw Dream Theater (interesting), Rise Against (good), and Rush (awesome). I am not a Rush fan, but they put on a great live show, and "The Spirit of Radio" was awesome live. I would write more but my fingers shake with generic-molten rage at the thought of some inbred Mid-Western douche bag smiling as he pushes the Bush button on the morally-questionable voting machine. I honestly believe that Bush won because the majority of the country can't read words with more than four letters and they were probably thinking of a totally different kind of Dick & Bush. Maybe a comedy duo?

this is the price you pay for loss of control

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