Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Layla and Other Assorted Homewreckers

As if to remind us all that "hey, you know those two guys wrote songs about me right?", Pattie Boyd has finally decided to talk about what everybody already knew about and probably stopped caring about long before she pretended nobody knew about it. Nothing screams "I don't matter" like screaming "I still matter". Being Pattie Boyd is kind of like being Marianne Faithfull for music geeks, which is kind of like being the one guy on Star Trek that wears the red shirt and always dies, which is kind of like being completely useless but remembered for it. Forget the stories you read everyday about some dumb ho who wrecked some already-in-shambles-anyway marriage between two star-crossed kinda-sorta lovers who met on the set of the new action flick and divorced before its release. Pattie Boyd did it with style, grace, and possibly your best friend. It's not an easy feat to inspire two of rock's greatest songs, much less be remembered for it and... pretty much nothing else. We are constantly bombarded with stories of infidelity with some no-name actress, nanny, or hooker, but when was the last time we had a good old fashioned homewrecker like Pattie Boyd? The answer is that we haven't. So go ahead and air out your dirty laundry Pattie, we won't hold it against you. God knows it's better than whatever the hell Britney has been doing lately.

what'll you do when you get lonely, and nobody's waiting by your side

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