Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Circus Nuts

Why don't Circus Peanuts taste like peanuts? And why are they named after a circus, when they clearly resemble and taste more like packing foam? They look just like soggy Nutter Butters, have the texture of, well, packing foam, and clearly do not come in any other flavors like honey-roasted, salty, spicy, cool ranch, or even...peanuts. This is what happens when I have been sick for two weeks, haven't eaten in two days and am left alone to my own insane devices. This is the kind of shit that comes pouring out of my brain when I am not under parental supervision at the age of 29 when I am clearly abnormal at best. I need a drink, or some sleep, or drugs or whatever. I'm losing my mind.

songs of yesterday now live in the underground

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