Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Save The Internet

I tend not to be one to preach. Ok, that’s a lie, but in general conversation over means of digital communication I tend to offer advice at most. I do not like to preach, nor do I like to insist or demand. But for today I am going to DEMAND that you visit this sight. It is a small site with no pop-ups and is easy to navigate, but you need to visit it. Essentially, a bunch of right-wing bible thumping conservatives (and a few pansy ass left-wingers, I am sad to say) want to regulate internet traffic by giving ownership of the transportation of digital media to the large cable and phone companies. These companies in turn will give faster service to those who pay for it, make you use their search engines, view their ads, and essentially charge you to view free information. This is but the first step towards striping away our act of free speech, which includes the internet.

Take a look at this website, view the f.a.q. and you may be surprised to learn how this has received little or no journalistic attention. The GOP are attempting to, as they always do, squeeze it by unnoticed until it is made law and leaving us all scratching our heads and wondering how we voted for it in the first place. Now I know this may be hard for you to do, but you can do something about it. Write, send an email, or call your congressman, mayor, boss, neighbor, best friend and let them know you do not support it and you do not wish to have your first amendment rights infringed upon. I know, nobody ever writes their congressman, no one calls the mayors office to voice their concerns, but that is what these people are there for, that is their fucking job! If we do not communicate with somebody, anybody, everybody then they will naturally do what is in their best interest, and not ours. Even I wrote a letter, and I am the laziest person I know. Hell, I’ll even post my letter online as a general format if you have never written one before; it’s not that hard and takes maybe ten minutes. Trust me, if that law passes, you will regret not taking the time to voice your constitutionally protected opinion on matters of state.


The sunshine bores the daylights out of me

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Rumour said...

I don't know about saving it.... It gives people with no friends in real life the ability to bore their co workers talking about the friends they will never meet.