Sunday, July 09, 2006

Domino Effect

So I’m sitting there, watching Domino and thinking to myself “you know, this movie is a piece of shit” when all of the sudden, something interesting happens (not Keira Knightley’s tits) that makes the movie suddenly a bit more sustainable. In the middle of the desert, driving alone and walking into the scene out of fucking nowhere, fucking Tom Waits walks in! And all of the sudden I am thinking to myself that this is what Tom Waits fucking does; he’s just that fucking cool. The dude has been in more movies than I imagined, and has songs in even more films than that. I was so surprised. Were you surprised? I was surprised. Just when I was ready to give up all hope on this piece of shit movie, Tom saves the mother fucking day. And to think, this was more exciting than Knightley’s boobies (which are not that impressive to say the least).

They stay at the carnival, but they’ll never win you back.

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