Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I Am Allergic To Stupidity

So I am taking this quiz thing that is supposedly going to tell me what modern day president I am (why? Because I hate myself) and what is the first answer I get? George W. Fucking Bush. Now anyone who knows me knows my opinion of that war-loving hate monger, and in no way in hell am I going to settle for being compared to him. So I take the test again, and who do I get? Richard fucking Nixon, another god damn Republican. So I says “fuck that” and try a third time, hoping for a Democrat. No, as luck would have it, God hates me. I get Ronald fucking Reagan this time. By this point I gave up, having assumed that the quiz was created by Sean Hannity and that alcoholic chain smoking bitch Ann Coulter. Now I am going to go and take Hannity’s remarkably fair and unbiased (read: bullshit) poll on WMD’s in Iraq, as if to imply that we actually fucking found some!  Why? Once, again, because I hate myself and feel the urge to pollute my mind with stupidity and nonsense.

Livin’ on the edge!

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