Tuesday, May 23, 2006

K-Fed For Life Homeboy

Kevin Federline is an idiot. There is no doubt in my mind that he is the worst of what male celebrities have to offer, and he’s only famous for knockin’ up Britney. I am currently reading a small interview with him in the May edition of Spin magazine, and it almost seems like he goes out of his way to prove he is not a pimp. Never was his point made so clear than when he showed up at his wedding reception in a track suit with the words “Pimp Daddy” written on them. His logic, if there is any, I can not seem to follow.

The reason he is an idiot is due to his inability to accept who he is. He believes he has done something significant in life (Dancing in You Got Served?) and that he is owed respect by the media. He is not. At the least, he is a creepy man-whore who bangs hot chicks and wears camouflage track suits. At most, he’s a douche bag who has no musical talent. K-Fed informed the interviewer that the media is forcing him to make a rap record. Ok, if he had told the media earlier that their actions will cause him to make a record, I am sure they would have left him the fuck alone.

In the course of the interview, which consisted of eleven questions, he asked “y’knowwhatI’msayin’?” twice. He then proceeded to inform us of the fact that he is a gangster because he grew up in Fresno. Apparently, a lot of his homies got locked up or ended up dead, so he’s one tough mofo from the streets, y’knowwhatI’msayin’?

Why any respectable music magazine would feel the need to interview this dick tickler, I do not know. Any interview with him is essentially a waste of paper. Make some use out of those dead trees and paint them with naked pics of Britney. At least when she isn’t talking she is ok to look at. Every time I look at K-Fed I want to bitch slap him. And if you believe what the tabloids say, apparently so does Britney.

Kill me with a beat

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