Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Strongbad For President

So my ten year anniversary is coming up. I can’t fucking wait to NOT fucking go. Do I really want to see bloated versions of people I never actually gave a shit about ten years ago? The answer is no unless your some pathetic yearbook-toting social leach that graduated from an attention whore to a social/physical whore. I was a slacker, loser, skate rat and was looked down upon by the socialites that now serve  my food at fucking Taco Bell, and I have no desire to speak to or see any of them. Let’s face it, in two years, if I am still in this shit hole, I sure as hell am not going to remind myself of that sad pathetic fact by going to my fucking reunion. If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll drown in a lake, god willing, before that time comes.

Goodbye, I never wanna see you again, so long, I don’t wanna be your friend

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