Friday, May 19, 2006


The Deftones hosted a free concert in Downtown Sacramento yesterday, and as it is my civic duty to keep you people in the know of things, I attended. The show was pretty good, kind of short but they sounded good and seeing as how they have been in the studio for a while, it’s not too hard to imagine them sounding a little rusty. The new record is supposed to come out in the fall, which is good since it has been a while since we have had a record of new material from them. Now that I have covered the important details, allow me to gripe for a moment.

Beer lines suck. This is not news to anyone who has ever attended a concert over the age of 21, but let me reinforce some complaints. First, we had to stand in an incredibly long line to get into the beer garden. Ok, I can deal with that as it is a free show so there are bound to be people with a little extra money on hand since they did not have to purchase tickets. They will probably be thirsty. Then, we had to stand in a line to get tickets for beer. This is getting ridiculous, but ok, I can sort of understand that. Next, we had to stand in line to actually get the goddamn beer. This sucked. Every line was longer than the previous one we had just stood in. My question is this; was the ticket line really a necessary step? What the fuck was it there for?

Other than that there were no complaints, except that I almost ran out of gas and some dick tickler security guard told me I was too comfortable sitting down in a chair with a little foot rest in front of it. Apparently the foot rest is not for feet. This I did not know, but this go-getter wasn’t going to let me be too comfortable, as he would settle only for slightly comfortable and would not negotiate. Prick.

I watched you change

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