Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Begone. This Is Not For Your Brains

I wanted to direct your attention, if I may for a moment, to the pages which belong to these following bands:

Social Syn
Lloyd Dobler Effect
The Uprising
Blame Betty
Black Triangle
Andrew Spindler

These are but a few of the bands that have been thrown my way who I have been checking out, and I like what I hear. My musical tastes vary greatly, so much so that if one were to close his mind to the sounds of the outside world, this vast majority of musical entities could cause their very head to explode form the pressure of musical centrifugal forces. The complexity of the musical juxtaposition that defines these very different sciences of sound is just too much for the fragile human psyche. One can only take so much before one’s mind begins to deteriorate. Do not allow this to happen to you. Know your limits. If you cannot handle it, save yourself, for the rest of us are doomed and damned souls, floating lost and alone along the musical bars of life. We are but notes in the sea of chords.

Fuck the authority

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