Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Gimme Shelter

I am going to start posting my album reviews on here. For a while I have been trying to keep my two blogs separate, and that now seems a little out of the realm of possibility. The fact is that I would be turning too much attention to one and not enough to the other. So, I am going just post everything on both. That’s what a blog is for, so why not. You will see on this one the same essays and stuff that you will on my other one; music reviews, concert reviews, essays on pop culture and politics, a little bit of everything really. My other blog is on MySpace, and that’s a separate community all together. I will not be posting my writing exercises or short stories on that blog. This one will have everything while my MySpace blog will have a portion of it. I will have a new album review up a little later today, and then I will begin work on the second part of my “In The Name Of God” series. Oh, and to the fanatic who responded to my last one, I HAVE played the game. Have you?

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