Saturday, June 03, 2006

Under A Killing Moon

Death is a funny thing. I do not mean funny as in ha-ha, that guy slipped on a banana peel and broke his neck and now he is no more. What I mean is it is often embarrassing, and the reason for that is that we do not want those close to us to see us sad. We don’t want our children to see us cry, we don’t want to see our parents cry, and there are always people at a funeral that you don’t know and that just makes things awkward. They never know what to say because there really isn’t anything they can say. I was a pall bearer in a funeral two days ago and I kind of hope I never have to do that again. And the whole viewing process they do, yeah I could have gone without that.

Anyway, here’s a Sacramento band I saw at good old Shady Brady’s last night of operation (R.I.P.), check em’ out, they are called Blame Betty. I am also working on a shit load of album reviews that should be up by Sunday, as well as an essay on a controversial new video game that I talked about a few days ago. Until then, go read Sinfest. Start at the beginning.

To share forever the unrest, with all the demons I possess

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