Monday, June 12, 2006

My Bloody Tampon

Have you ever wondered why rock stars do the strange shit they do? I mean, is it the money that makes them fuck a coked-out groupie with a fish, or is it the fame? I am currently watching “The 100 Most Shocking Moments In Rock” on VH1, and all I can think about is how these megalomaniacal fuck-tards manage to come up with weird shit that would cause an average human to get arrested or deported. I can only wait and wonder when my time in the spotlight will be where I am able to smoke crack, shoot smack, fuck a fourteen year old with a fish, and drink Jack Daniels like it's coffee all while practicing witchcraft in my twenty million dollar Malibu beach house. Then I will know I have made it. Look ma, top of the world!

You’re the part of me that I don’t want to see

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