Friday, June 16, 2006

Movie Review - Nacho Libre

Movie – Nacho Libre

I want to make one thing perfectly clear; I did NOT pay money to see this movie. In retrospect, I am quite happy that a transaction involving paper of monetary value never took place between me and the movie theatre register biscuit. However, my friend told me she had a spare free pass, and as I am a consumer whore I could not in good conscience pass up the opportunity of two hours of entertainment. Now I have noticed that some people are fans of Jack Black’s movies. I am not one of those people. In fact, with the exception of High Fidelity and School Of Rock, I have no use for Black what so ever. Nacho Libre just sealed the deal.

What has been touted as a family comedy by the press is in fact a horrible script, an even worse plot, and the worst of the worst in jokes and one-liners. Black’s ability to make people laugh has always amazed me, as I have rarely seen him be funny. In Nacho Libre Black plays a cook in a monastery for orphans in Mexico. Apparently, wrestling is big in Mexico (or at least that’s the idea this film was meant to portray) and it is his characters dream to become a professional wrestler.
In Mexico.
For Pesos.

Clearly this movie is not for those of us that detest wrestling. The problem with the film is that even as it pokes fun at the wrestling culture, it’s still not funny. This could be due to it being a “family” film, but I honestly think that’s just bullshit. There were virtually no parts in the entire film where I laughed as a direct result of something I saw on the screen. I was laughing at the people I went with to see it, as they were far more entertaining than anything on screen. If you’re under the age of 12, or you enjoy stupid gross-out comedies, then this film is for you. Just leave your expectations, and dignity, at the door.
0.5 Out of 5

There are things that I’d like to say, but I’m never talking to you again.

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