Friday, June 09, 2006

The Muffin Blues

I had a dream last night and I won’t lie, it involved a Furby. I dreamt I was in the woods, watching my hat float away like Gabriel Byrne in Millers Crossing. My hat floated along the trees, and as my eyes, or more accurately, the camera looked up towards the sky, I saw my assassin. He had large eyes, stumps for limbs, and was covered in fur. He said “this is for Lumiere” as he dropped the gun towards my head. He fired a shot, and then I woke up screaming. I looked over to my dresser to see the time, in case I needed to file a report about my death. But my alarm clock was blocked. It was blocked by a candlestick. A yellow candlestick with two brass arms, for holding two extra candles. And the candlestick was smiling at me.

-BI can’t wait, I can’t stay a candle

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