Sunday, August 27, 2006


How I spent my Saturday:

6 am – waking up

6:30 am – my parents picking me up to take me to the hospital

7 am – getting to the hospital

7:30 – having an IV put in my wrist, a bunch of cords attached to me via sticky circles with clamps on them to connect me to some machine

8 am – having my throat sprayed with some shit that tastes like bananas that numbs my throat so it feels weird to swallow and kind of stings a little

8:30 – being slightly (but not enough) sedated while a doctor sticks a thick camera attached to a tube down my throat as he injects veins inside my throat to stop internal bleeding…and he didn’t even take me to dinner and a movie(

8:40 – doctor pulls tube out only to make me swallow it again for yet another round of injections

8:45 – doctor plays with tube for shits and giggles

9 am – doctor pulls tube out of my throat as I pass out hoping for nothing more than the sweet icy cold hand of death to brush across my shoulders, but I’m not that lucky

9:30 – I go home and pass the fuck out.

Now that’s how I spell fun!

You could be my Yoko Ono

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