Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Free Spam Part 2

Status: Complete Failure

Well, as we all expected, the radio lied. I never got my password emailed to me after requesting it a dozen times, and I don’t expect a laptop to miraculously show up at my door. Now I know you are all wondering why I did this if I knew this is how it would turn out, and I have an answer for you; because I hate myself. Well, that and the fact that out of all the schemes one could get themselves caught up in, this one was actually advertised on public radio. This is what fascinates me about this little experiment; how a company could use public media over the airwaves for something like this. It’s not like they sent me a spam email promising me the world (and a laptop), they actually paid an advertising agency money to tell us about their “great offer”. I had never heard of that before. I mean sure, it has happened before, but in the times we live in now, with lawsuits popping up like mushrooms, you would figure somebody would call foul.

So I obviously don’t need to advise you to try this at home, as I am not a professional and you are probably smart enough to not try it anyway. So I will just move on to my next subject, Reddit. This is a nifty little site that feeds subject lines onto your page about popular posts, and lets you submit posts for others to check out. Give it a try and see if it works out for you, I’m off to study for my A+ exam.

We all float on

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