Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Freak Of The Week

Music of Choice:
The Rolling Stones – Paint It Black

I would have to agree with my PJ companion (see below) that every PJ album is different, and great in its own way. I believe that is one of the many qualities that set them above the barrage of cloned corporate endorsed pop music today. And while I may have come off a bit rash, I must admit, no matter what their new record sounds like I’m going to buy it. And I have no doubt it will be great in its own way. They could do an entire album dedicated to G&R and Mars Volta (I hate that band) covers and I would STILL buy it. As he correctly stated in his reply, they can do no wrong having said that lets move on to the next topic: Penny Arcade. I love this web comic. I have been following the whole Jack Thompson thing, and I find it amusing that he has to call the police on them for harassment. He’s a fucking lawyer; he should know the following mistakes he made:

1 – He has never stated “cease all communications with me or I will be forced to file a police report for harassment.” He simply said “or else”. That is a threat, which qualifies under the law as assault. Remember assault and battery are 2 different things.

2 – Both parties have been publicly open with their opinions and no personal information (i.e. social security #’s, credit records, etc.) have been displayed.

3 – The freedom of speech still, as of right now, protects them to publicly debate the issue as long as no laws are broken. They can post their opinion as well as his reply.

Basically he is just using his threats as if the guys at PA were dumb teenagers not aware of the consequences of their actions. I doubt he even takes them seriously. Besides, shouldn’t he be out trying to ban guns, knives, staples, teenagers, and fun? If he really wanted to attack them, he would have donated the money himself and called them, and the gamer community in general, out to the corral for a shoot out. The best thing he can do for himself is acknowledge that he lied, admit he underestimated the charitable contributions and social unity of the gaming and comic community, and move on to something else where he can still salvage an ounce of his career and respectability.

Ps – go read Penny Arcade. Now.


I See A Red Door And I Want It Painted Black

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