Monday, October 17, 2005

Spin The Black Circle

Music of Choice:
Pearl Jam – Drifting

I feel I am obligated to speak about the upcoming Pearl Jam album. As of now there is no release date and they are still working on the record. Hell, I don’t even think they have a title for it yet. Here’s what bothers me. I have been a PJ fanatic since Ten was released. I have purchased every record, every DVD, half the damn bootlegs, all the singles, every soundtrack, you name it I got it. What I don’t want to purchase is a record comprised of G&R covers and songs that sound like The Mars Volta. I fucking hate The Mars Volta. Granted, this is all just speculation as of right now, and from what I have read and understood, it sounds like their just fucking with everyone. I really am hoping for a return to the VS and Vitalogy days. That would be nice. Not that I didn’t like every record, but I think a trip down memory lane would do the band some good. All I can do is hope for the best, and in the mean time keep spinning the black circle of Ten and throw on a flannel coat and feel sorry for myself. Oh, go buy Lost Dogs if you haven’t yet purchased this collection of songs, it truly is worth the money.

I Sometimes Wonder If They Know That I’m Gone

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J said...

They can do no wrong in my eyes... Every album has been different to the next (BINAURAL being mine... while yield is the go-to) and it will be very competent even if it's in it's own way (NO CODE)... I CAN'T WAIT - JUST SAW THEM IN TORONTO!!!