Monday, October 24, 2005

Want A Cookie?

Music of Choice:
Ash – Goldfinger

I realize that tomorrow is Tuesday, the favorite weekday of any music fan. However, there just isn’t anything really good coming out tomorrow. Sometimes you just get a bad release day. Anyways, I finished Fargo Rock City, and I suggest you pick it up; it’s a decent read for any metal or hard rock fan. Be warned, if you know virtually nothing of the aforementioned musical genres then this book is not really written for you. Hell, he spends an entire chapter explaining the difference between hard and heavy.

So I went to the Soul Distortion show Saturday night. I had a good time, even thought it’s not exactly my type of music. The band played very well, except for the cover of the Toadies song Possum Kingdom. I fucking hate that song, that song made my ears BLEED in high school. But anyway, onto other things; I my go to see Strung Out tomorrow night at the Empire, which would be Muy Bueno. If I do, expect a review.

She slips into the night, and she is gone

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