Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Catch My Disease

It’s nice to see that there really are some intelligent people in the state of Texas. Texas is like its own country, rooted in a bizarre and backwards culture that refuses to let go of its good ol’ boy heritage. I read about this issue a few weeks ago in Rolling Stone and I just assumed that by the time of the articles publication, the state of Texas would have moved heaven and earth to get it passed. Apparently I was wrong. What amazes me most is that some of the states residents were actually hoping science and logic would take priority over the states desire to completely block out the sun with its solid shit-brick of smog in the air.

However, my delusions of the existence of Smart People In Texas, or as I like to refer to as SPIT, are short lived. Reality came crashing down in the time frame required to read 3 sentences, particularly the quote by one of Texas’ “finer” citizens, who stated that he only cared because he lives there and would quite not give a shit if this were another state we were talking about. Apparently either global warming is region specific or this crowning achievement of Texas public education somehow failed elementary science. It could honestly go either way. After all, it is Texas.

I have three big problems with what it is that TXU is attempting, besides the whole pollution thing. The first is that TXU is going to argue in court that this is not about the necessity of power, but about locking out other competitors. That’s a brilliant move for one of the largest corporate polluters in the world. Why try and argue that your state needs the power, when you can justify destroying what little nature your barren wasteland of a state has by claiming its all in the name of aggressive monopolization. I’m sure the judge will appreciate your honesty.

The second problem I have is that TXU is attempting to pull this off before Congress enacts a cap-and-trade policy. For those who are unfamiliar with the workings of a cap-and-trade system, read here. Basically, TXU stands to gain significant financial benefits if the plants can be built before this system is enacted. Sometimes I wonder if these people honestly don’t believe in global warming and the effects pollution has on the environment, or if they just don’t care. Judging by the MO of the current administration, it seems more like a fuck-and-run scenario. Don’t worry, the world won’t call you back either.

The third issue I have with this situation is that some idiots actually believe that this has nothing to do with Governor Rick Perry receiving a large donation from TXU to benefit his reelection campaign. A quick note to all the non-SPIT’s; this is how politics fucking work. The GOP knows all about this process, and anyone who is surprised or skeptical of this fact may be slightly retarded. Of course it had something to do with the campaign donation. Why would Perry risk his career by allowing his state, which ranks the worst among pollutants in the country, to become even more polluted? Because he was fucking told to. Welcome to Politics 101.

It’s always nice to see SPIT’s coming together to do something, even if it is for selfish reasons. I honestly doubt that the plants will be built. It does not matter how powerful the coal industry is. They are using the wrong excuses to convince a judge that they need the plants, which is only going to stall and buy time for Congress to enact an air quality law before these plants break ground. If I lived in Texas (and I’m glad I don’t) I would rally to get Perry out of office. We did it in California for Gray Davis, but then again we are not Texans.

Also, on another note, can somebody tell me where the fuck $12 billion dollars of our tax money disappeared to? It was stacked on pallets, weighing over 300 tons, in $100 bill denominations, and loaded into trucks and shipped to Iraq. If anybody sees J. Paul Bremer, could you ask him how the fuck he lost over three hundred tons of cash that was taken out of our paychecks? I would kind of like to know who else he had help him steal our money.

Open your heart and catch my disease.

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