Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Thought Criminal

The digital music revolution is not without its faults. On one hand you have the labels and artists, attempting to recover a sliver of the lost profits since the death of th CD. On the other hand, you have the innovations of new technology that, while possessing the benefit of being state of the art, are constantly racing against the workarounds of those who just don't want to pay for music. I choose not to take a side as this technology, however popular it may be, is still new and has yet to have the kinks worked out. Having said that, I agree with Steve Jobs when he proposes that record companies stop selling music on-line with digital rights management (DRM) protection software embedded. I believe that the more we hinder the process of allowing consumers to use any music player with any on-line music service they prefer, the more willing they will be to obtain the music through other less legal means. The art of business has proven that applying limitations to your product, however financially successful it may be, will soon push your customers to a more abundant source. The more available the artists music is, the more willing customers are to pay for it. I would rather spend $12 on a CD than $20 having to purchase songs individually from multiple sources to use on my numerous MP3 players. This is still a new technology, let's give it some room to grow.

And if you don't like then hey, Fuck You!

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