Friday, October 13, 2006

Buried Myself Alive

Lots of awesome stuff to talk about, none of which is half as super-awesome as this video I found on Wired magazine’s website. Whoever created this little delectable bit of joy deserves an Oscar or a Peabody, or maybe some Cheetos. Anyway, check it out. Moving on, here is something that I think everybody should be aware of. It is called (RED), and it is a program created by Bono and Bobby Shriver to help fight Aids in Africa. It is a great program and I have already registered and plan on purchasing a few (RED) items to help the cause.

In other news, John Mark Karr should run for office. Honestly, this guy can’t even fuck up without fucking it up. How pathetic must you be to fail as a pedophile? Does he wonder what the other pedophiles will think? Does he hang his head in shame, knowing that he has forever lost his chance at the Sick Fuck of the Year award?

Anyway, apparently it is not bad enough that we have to lose Tower Records, but we also have to lose CBGB’s as well. What the liquidation company, and apparently the owner of the CBGB’s building as well, doesn’t understand is that they are killing off musical landmarks to make way for dollar stores and burger joints. Tower Records is the oldest musical chain in the country, possibly the world, not too mention a staple of Sacramento’s history. It’s sad that the stores are going to close just because people would rather have their music digitally infused into their useless brains within nanoseconds of a song’s creation.

Anyway, now that I am officially depressed, I am going to go and find some good news or some funny comics or crappy porn or something else to look at. So long CBGB’s, and Tower, you will be missed. And to John Mark Karr, go fuck yourself, you sick and pathetic pedophile. Oh, and go check out (RED).

Buried myself alive on the inside.

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